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In this 6-week online course, parents and children will:

•understand big feelings and the brain

•notice when big feelings arise

•use the breath to calm

•use the five senses to notice internal emotions

and live a life with more mindful behavior.


Jessie will guide you and your child through age-appropriate yoga and mindfulness activities focusing on the five senses and thoughts. 

In addition, a physical package will be mailed to you which includes:


Materials for making:

§Breathing Sticks

§Calming Glitter Bottles

§Eye Pillows

Course Modules:

1.Welcome, What is Mindfulness, Exploring Breath, Parts of the Brain

2.Mindful Listening, Breath and the Brain

3.Mindful Seeing and Our Thoughts

4.The Stress Response and Paper Tigers

5.Mindful Smelling and Mindful Touch

6.Mindful Taste and How did it get here?

Online Family Mindfulness and Movement

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